Colorado Home Inspection Services

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

A pre-purchase home inspection is a Colorado home inspection performed before the purchase of a property and is conducted on behalf of the buyer(s). Typically, the buyers will want to schedule a home inspection from a Colorado home inspector after an initial offer has been preliminarily accepted. This is the most common home inspection service in Colorado. A pre-purchase inspection will reduce the risk of costly surprises and help in budgeting future costs associated with maintaining the home. Help optimize your investment and take advantage of a certified Colorado Home Inspector.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

A Pre-listing home inspection is a Colorado home inspection paid for by the seller before a house is listed on the market. If you're selling a property, you want to make a good impression and this means doing your best to reduce the number of items noted as deficient in the home inspection supplied by your certified home inspector. Read this article from The National Association of Realtors about the advantages of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection.

New Construction Home Inspection

New Construction Home Inspections are Colorado home inspections done on the homebuyer's behalf when the finished home is almost ready to be delivered. One of the biggest misconceptions about newly built homes is that they are free of issues. There is so much involved with building a home that it is nearly impossible for the builder to carefully check all phases of construction. This is why it is beneficial for the buyer to hire a professional home inspector that is looking out for your best interest. This will ensure that most, if not all, last minute items have been completed prior to your closing. At the conclusion of the home inspection, a completed report will be distributed to you. A new-construction inspection covers all the home's major systems.

1-Year Warranty Home Inspection

1 year warranty home inspections are Colorado home inspections performed prior to the expiration of the one year builder warranty; typically within the 10-11 month time frame. The inspection will be performed to verify that proper building techniques were used and that the various components of the home were properly installed and properly operating. This is the last opportunity the home owner will have to report any defects and/or concerns to the builder. You will be presented with a completed report at the end of the inspection to assist in the communication process with the builder.

Investor Property Inspection

Investor property inspections are performed prior to purchase as well as periodically during ownership. Pre-purchase inspections are performed to identify defects prior to taking ownership to negotiate repairs or price adjustments which reflect the condition of the property. Periodic inspections for properties currently in your portfolio would ensure the identification of needed repairs following a long term tenant's departure. Long-term tenants sometimes neglect to mention repairs and/or abuse the property during their tenancy. Identifying those problems early is the key to profitable ownership and provides peace of mind when geographically separated from property.